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Answers to machine questions

Speed changes to 7 & 8 series machines 1/10/15
With the latest firmware release it came to our attention that when the larger embroidery hoops were used the machine stitching speed slowed down--thus it takes longer to stitch the same design in a Jumbo Hoop versus the large Oval Hoop.  BERNINA International has informed us that in order to maintain the integrity/quality of the design stitchout in a larger hoop, the embroidery speed was indeed reduced when a larger hoop is selected.

200/730 Out of Memory Error  1/10/15
An out of memory error on this model may indicate a variety of problems.  Below are some of the common reasons behind this message.
1.  The design you are loading, or a design already stored on the machine has become corrupt.
      Solution....  Delete ALL motifs in the My Designs folder as well as the Motifs (butterfly) folder.  Restart the machine and try to load the new design again.
2.  If using software and the picture used to create the design was not removed before stitching, it becomes part of the .ART file and can overload the memory capacity of the machine.
      Solution...Always remove the picture before you write the design to the machine.
3.  Wrong design format:  this model accepts .ART version 4. 
      Solution...For best results, open the design in embroidery software, then click on the write to Machine Icon,  then select .ART or the 200/730 model.
4.  The design exceeds 52,000 stitches, or contains an excessive number of objects.  This is especially true of lace designs.
      Solution.... Correct this problem by saving the design as a stitch file(.pes), and close the design.  Select FILE> OPEN.  Change the files of type to the stitch file format used to save the design.  Select the file but DO NOT OPEN the design.  Select the options button and click on the leave as sttches option.  Open the design.  The sodtware will not convert the design to objects.  Send the design to the machine.
5.  If the design contains lettering or the Monogram Wizard has been used,
       Solution...  Select the lettering from your color film and use the break apart tool in the edit drawer before sending it to the machine or USB.

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