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Catch-All Club 2017


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Monthly lessons
January       We have copied a top from ready-to wear.
   Easy to do, great to wear.  
  There is a fake placket & buttons.

   You will need 1 3/4 yd 60" fabric, 3-5 buttons,
a piece of tear-away stabilizer, a basic top
pattern, matching thread.  This is only if you
want to cut and sew here.  The ones we have made so far are a great Hit.(3)


Page 2 instructions
 February Joan and I just finished the OESD School of Embroidery.
 We even passed with flying colors
The tips and knowledge from these classes
will be shared with you in these classes.
We will be doing a Free Standing Picture Frame this month.
  You will need your machine a USB stick and a kit.
Please let us know if you want to purchase a kit for $5.00 by Feb 1, 2017, so you will know what colors of thread (2) you should bring.



Supply list if
you purchased a Kit

Supply List if you
DID NOT purchase a kit

 Create some basic summer staples including
a basic dress, skirt and even PJ's. 
Learn how to incorporate the serger,
BERNINA feet and accessories to
accomplish these tasks flawlessly.

Lesson 1

Video  is too large to download

We are doing a bendy bag to store all
our new clips that we love.
It sits flat on the bottom and the zipper
makes it easy to put our hand in and out
to get our clips.

 May Embroider a Damask look on a t-shirt, very elegant and dressy.
  Please check the supply list in next column. 

Instructional video

Supply List

Jump into fall by creating
a cardigan as well as other basics. 
New techniques, fabrics & serger will be explored. 

Due to the fact that no one has chosen to attend the Catch-all club, Joan feels that the Powerpoint and handout cover the
information well.  Project information will continued to be posted the rest of the year.  We are always here to help you!

Power Point


One outside, 6 pockets
We found this wonderful Road Tote to keep your car or truck organized. 
I cannot wait to put
this in my van.  
We are using the pattern

called Road trip Tote and it is easy to make. This pattern can also be used 
to bring things to class.  Holds 505 can,
small Best Press, rulers, rotary cutters,
water bottles, BERNINA Feet, and
much more.
Other outside 4 pockets
Inside 7 pockets plus large center section. 
Picture coming
Details coming soon.  

Bundle up this winter with handmade jeans.  you will be surprised with what you can create as you advance your sewing skills.  Video is too large
Power point
November Spring is here!  Time for lightweight
t-shirts(perfectly sewn on your serger),
cropped pants and other wardrobe staples